About Project| OStudio19

This is a Portfolio website where people can come and see the OStudio19 website portfolio (portfolio mean work done by the organization) and if he likes the work of website visitor can give order to the organization like OStudio19.We created this portfolio for client located in Lahore. He has done a lot of work in designing architecture and other consultancy department in construction.He approached us and a website that demonstrate his work from website.We have created this website with touch of architecture and designing. Also see other portfolio as well.


This website has following features:

  • It has the slider portion in which¬† main pictures representing the portfolio show here
  • This website also represent the services of website that they are providing are listed here.
  • The customer also told us to show the images of respectful employees who work with lot of passion and give their best to satisfy the customer.
  • Website also show the total projects done by the organization also listed the current on going projects.
  • This portfolio website also has the contact us page in which visitor can contact.
  • In the last but most important it has the portfolio page in which all the work done by the organization are displayed.


  • Website created in WordPress
  • Using MYSQL database




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