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This software is developed to keep records of the patients medical test history. This software is successfully deployed to Nasir Medical Complex. It generate and print reports with multiple filters. It facilitates the doctor to know the patient history accurately. Also see other portfolio as well.

This software has following features:

  • Its database is designed and build in SQL Server
  • It is build in Visual Studio 2017using .NET framework 4.5
  • It is build in C# Win Forms
  • Its Interface is Flat and Interactive.
  • Its interface is user friendly, easy to use and easy to understand
  • It has login form from which user can enter and view his dashboard.
  • It manages(Add, Update, Delete, Search, Show) the patients test history.
  • This software also manages(Add, Update, Delete, Search, Show) the patient contact details So that all the test records of one patient be filtered easily.
  • This software display reports using multiple filters.
  • This software also has the functionality of printing the previous 2 latest test records of patients so that doctor can easily prescribe the patient.
  • It has label which display total patients of doctor.
  • This software also has the input fields to enter medical test categories and their sub categories.


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