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This project is developed for the auto motors company which was deployed to Hadi Autos. This project manages the data about three different entities. It save and manage the data about the seller, buyer and bikes. It has multiple filters to generate and print reports.Also see other portfolio as well.

It has following features:

  • Its database is designed and build in SQL Server
  • It is build in Visual Studio 2019 using .NET framework 4.6
  • It is build in C# Win Forms
  • Its Interface is Flat and Interactive..
  • Its interface is user friendly, easy to use and easy to understand
  • It has login form from which user can enter and view his dashboard.
  • User can manage(Add, Update, Delete, Search, Show) bike details.
  • This software also help to manages(Add, Update, Delete, Search, Show) seller detail who is selling his automobile.
  • User can manage(Add, Update, Delete, Search, Show) buyer detail so that he would know that which bike is sold to which buyer.
  • This software also provide the service of printing the document in which all the information of buyer,seller and bike details is displayed.
  • Once printed the document it has the signature and thumb print options and it also print the picture of buyer and seller so that deal would be authentic and can be verified later if needed.


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